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Light Bringer Project and Sci-Fest L.A. present two science fiction writing competitions designed to identify and nurture the up-and-coming science fiction writing talent of Los Angeles and worldwide. Science fiction is a uniquely inspiring medium that has enabled many of our great thinkers and scientists to imagine the heights and limits of human achievement, leading to important moral and ethical debate, long range planning for humanity, and scientific innovation. Writers are encouraged to explore scientific, social, technological, environmental, and philosophical themes in their writing and always, at the core, to master the art of great storytelling.

Dramatic readings by celebrity guests and awards presentations for The Tomorrow Prize and The Roswell Award 2019 will take place at LitFest Pasadena the weekend of May 18 - 19, 2019.


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Roswell Award and Tomorrow Prize 2019


About the Roswell Award

The Roswell Award for short science fiction by adults (18+) from across the globe is an international competition. Past submissions have come from dozens of countries including Malawi, Ethiopia, Singapore, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Australia, India, Pakistan, England, America, Kazakhstan, and others. Four to five finalists are chosen and their stories are read by celebrity guests on stage at LitFest Pasadena in May. First, second, and third place prizes, as well as special prizes and certificates, are awarded to both finalists and the honorable mentions at the reading. Artemis Journal and Hollywood NOW will present the Women Hold Up Half the Sky Award for the best feminist themed science fiction story.

Submissions for 2019 are closed.

This special Roswell Award prize recognizes a science fiction story that embraces feminist themes and has a strong female protagonist. Top entries will exemplify excellence in feminist storytelling, while capturing the complexities of their characters.

The winner will receive dual publication in Artemis Journal and on the Hollywood NOW website in addition to $100.00 USD cash from Hollywood NOW. The winner’s story will also be read on stage by a celebrity guest at LitFest Pasadena 2019 and the winner will be officially recognized at the event. Additional prizes include a print copy of the Artemis Journal with the winning story featured, special recognition in media releases, and more.

About the Tomorrow Prize

The Tomorrow Prize for short science fiction by Los Angeles County high school students inspires students to explore their present through speculating about their future and to excel in the art of storytelling. It is open to all 9th to 12th grade students attending schools in LA County. Four to six finalists are chosen and their stories are read by celebrity guests on stage at LitFest Pasadena in May.  First, second, and third place prizes, as well as special prizes and certificates, are presented to the finalists and the honorable mentions at the reading. Los Angeles Audubon will also present The Green Feather Award for the best environment themed science fiction story. In the last four years, around 20 schools and hundreds of students have participated in The Tomorrow Prize.

Submissions for 2019 are closed.

 About The Green Feather Award presented by Los Angeles Audubon

This special Tomorrow Prize award recognizes an outstanding science fiction short story by a teen author [or team of authors] that centers on overcoming today's environmental challenges. Strong entries will highlight the importance of ecology and biodiversity in some way, and we would be especially excited to see the local ecology, geography, culture, and environmental concerns of Southern California emphasized. We also recognize that issues of social and environmental justice strongly overlap with those concerning wildlife conservation, sea level rise, water conservation, climate change, and energy. Keeping that in mind, a story about a single neighborhood or school overcoming an environmental challenge would be just as valid as a story that tackles a much broader scale. 

Organizing Board

Lisa Beebe, Freelance Writer  *  Michael Blaha, Sci-Fest LA Co-Founder  *  David Dean Bottrell, Sci-Fest LA Co-Founder  *  Jennifer Brody, Award-winning YA Science Fiction Author & Film/TV Producer  * Thomas Coston, Light Bringer Project President  * Griffin Davis, Writer & Filmmaker  *  Rosalind Helfand, Director of The Tomorrow Prize & The Roswell Award  *  Patricia Hurley, Light Bringer Project Managing Director  *  C.B. Lee, Author of the Sidekick Squad Series  *  Celeste Martinez, Actor & Sci-Fest LA Organizer  *  Joaquin Peres, Writer & Editor  *  Lauren Salerno, Literary Organizer * Corey RoSkin, Literary Curator * Jeff Sweat, Author of the Mayfly YA Series * Sam O’Brien, Intern